So many people have been fighting with oxygenation of their beers, especially during the direct dry hopping process. We can simply say that "oxygen" is enemy of your beer and it can totally destroy beer flavours and beer character. Therefore If you're used to adding the hops pellets directly into the beer tank, you will need some tool that will help you to avoid oxygenation.

We introduce you our HopsDrop, or we cal also called it HopsDoser...(We can call this tank by many names) but one thing is for sure, It is a great tool for every brewery.

HopsDrop generally consists of a DN 100 butterfly valve that is fixed on the fermenter (the valve can be adjusted according to your specification on the fermenter). Additionally, the HopsDrop has a 1/4" BSP CO2 valve at the bottom that pushes oxygen into the 1/4" BSP valve at the top of the lid. A 0-4Bar manometer is also installed on the cover.

For easy sanitation and open the HopsDrop is equipped with clamped lid.

HopsDrop can be customised in our production based on the individual requirements of our customers.

Hops Drops with a volume of 10l, 15l, 20l - are in stock, ready to be shipped! Just choose :-)

Price of Hops Drop 10L = 625,- EUR without VAT

Price of Hops Drop 15L = 710,- EUR without VAT

Price of Hops Drop 20L = 790,- EUR without VAT

(plus shipping costs to your address)

For easy sanitation and open the HopsDrop is equipped with clamped lid.

You can find more information on our Hopsdrop, technologies and stainless steel components in our e-shop www.indcom.cz.

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