Hops Master 300 - cold hopping device

Cold hopping equipment Hops Master offers a very simple solution for maceration of hop pellets or whole hop cones in the finished beer and optimal transfer of hop oils and essences into beer to increase the aroma, bitterness and resulting beer taste.

Upon request, it is possible to supplement the pump with a seal to higher temperatures and to macerate the hot wort directly after the hopping plant before cooling it on the plate cooler.

Do you want to have more hop aroma in your IPA beer?

Then you should try to use our unique device which is called "Hops Master 300" and transfer the taste buds of your valuable customers in the beer heaven.

You can find more information on our HopsMaster, technologies and stainless steel components in our e-shop www.indcom.cz

The price of Hops Master300 is EUR 3,549 without VAT

Where can you follow us and contact us? 

In our eshop www.indcom.cz we offer complete technology for the beverage industry as well as a large number of stainless steel components. 

Our technician will be happy to provide you with more information.

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